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The main duties of this department are to provide additional services to the Design and Analysis Department in order to promote and validate the activities and projects of Research and Development by using the structure of Metrology and Calibration, Metallography, Functional Tests and Vehicle Tests. Furthermore, this department also helps to improve the quality of manufactured parts and expand Shetabkar capabilities in different testing scopes based on customer requirements.


In Metrology Section, dimensional measurement is done with micron accuracy and in Calibration Section the accuracy of the measuring instruments i.e. gauges and other controlling tools are verified precisely by the use of CMM, Form Tester, VMM, Micro-hite, Roughness Tester and etc. All tooling in Metrology and Calibration Section have been supplied by the well-known brands i.e. Poli, Hommel, TESA, Arco, Mitutoyo and etc.

Form Tester
Pressure Calibrator
Force Calibrator
Torque Calibrator


  • In this section the metallurgical structure and hardness of the parts are tested.
  • The main Metallography equipment includes prototyping equipment, optical microscope and image analysis software.
  • Hardness testers include macro, micro and portable kinds.
  • The Metallurgical Equipment brands are BUEHLER, INNOVA TEST, MEIJI, INFINITY and CLEMEX.
Hardness Testing Devices
Metallographic Microscope
Metallographic Software

Functional Testing and Vehicle Tests

Hydraulic Power Steering Systems are tested in accordance with the standards of PSA, KIA and HL in Shetabkar’s Laboratory. The Tooling and Software have flexibility for other car manufacturer’s functional and endurance testing criteria.

Functional and endurance test equipment includes functional and noise testing devices for Hydraulic Valve, impact testing, leakage testing, tensile and compression testing, endurance testing for Hydraulic Power Steering Systems and related components.

Endurance Test Device for Hydraulic Power Steering System
Endurance Test Device for Hydraulic Cylinder
Rotational Speed Measurement Device for Pinion
Cold Chamber
Endurance Test Device for Ball Joints
Hydraulic Valve Frictional Torque Measuring Device